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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

My sheltered children

Tonight, I ventured into cuisineland and served my family homemade French Onion soup. A recipe I snatched from Susie at Juniper Moon Farm. (I left out the wine and the cognac.) The comments ranged from A.) son C- " What's in it?" Me - " onions" (duh!) C- "nothing else?" "what am I supposed to eat?" He was frantic! funniest thing ever! B.) daughter D- "This isn't soup" Dad... "why not, it looks like soup." D- "no, soup is water, seasoning and chunkies" I give up. It was delish and I was pleased with how it turned out. Try it if you're up for a yummy soup!

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Ria said...

Ha ha! J announced shortly after coming back from Georgia that he doesn't like soup. When I asked why he said, "Soup is just water with chunks floating in it." :)