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P.S. - A lot of people come here looking for the whimsical "Shipping & Returns" policy my husband wrote. If you don't see it below, you'll find it in the archives under July 5, 2007.

Thursday, June 26, 2008


My husband and I have been discussing the topic of passion lately.(Don't worry this is G-rated.) He is having a mid-life crisis, wanting to change careers to teaching leadership, something he has always been passionate about. I my self am finding that after 40 some-odd years I have finally found something to be passionate about-making jewelry.
So, the age-old question has recently surfaced as I contemplate the direction my jewelry should go. Do I design jewelry for the "general" public; something boring that sells at a cheap price? Or do I design jewelry that would cost more but that I am passionate about, running the risk of having fewer customers? Is one completely without the other?
I feel as though I have two different personas sitting on my shoulder; an angel and devil if you will. Angel says: "Be safe; make things that people will want." "Be conservative." "You realize you only have so much silver." Devil says: "Who cares if you want to experiment? Take a walk on the wild side, let your hair down, be brave." "Silver is still relatively cheap." Is there a balance?
I suppose I could wake up in the morning and flip a coin. Ahh, tails; watch out, sweety, Artista is feeling the muse today. Flow with the moon? New moon, boring. Full moon, woo hoo!! I only know that for me personally, I haven't followed my passion enough lately.