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Monday, May 3, 2010

I am an artist

It is a beautiful morning here in north-western Virginia, the early morning rain has left the lush green fresh and vibrant.
I am astounded that over the last month or so i have explored more fibre art forms than i have in the past several years. Silk, alpaca, purses and grocery bags. It felt good. My studio bulged with fabric, fibre and frustration as I realized that it all can't fit in my studio as it exists now. I also realized that in throwing my energy and time into fibre i have not explored jewelry or silver at all. This has led to reflective thinking on my part. I need balance. Knowing this, i have decided to be more haphazard in my flow of creativity, today silver lids for vintage glass bottles, tomorrow... spinning? I am empowered that I have choices, I can be creative every day!