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Friday, April 9, 2010

50 Things to do before I'm 50

For the record i am not a day over 29, but i thought this might be fun. Anywho, I learned some important things about this little exercise.
a) It was really hard coming up with 50 things.
b) I am very conservative. (Yes, I would like to put going to Ireland on my list but lets face it, financially it's not going to happen and i want only things on my list that are doable.)
c) 52 weeks is not a lot of time to do 50 things...I might have to double up.

Here is a sampling; five of my 50.

1. Try 50 new recipes that are not all deserts.
2. Learn how to make a hinge on a piece of jewelry.
3. Create a dragon mask.
4. Learn 10 words in Gaelic. (i am hoping Breezyboo will help me with this!.)
5. Wear something pink for a day. (you have no idea how hard this is for me!)

So, there you have a sampling of my list. I still have four more to come up with and with any luck I will be successful!